cool sites

A list of cool websites


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Void Linux | Linux distro i use
Artix linux | System-D free Arch fork  | minimal file sharing site
Serious Shell Programming | Posix shell scripting documentation
bitview | Retro style YouTube clone
cyberpunked | Cyberpunk privacy guide
OpenGameArt | Public domain game art
hacktivis | lanodan's cyber-home
InstallGentoo | Wiki by various (terrible) imageboards | http status codes with cats | same as but with dogs
invidious | private YouTube frontend
librespeed | foss alternative
mrsh | mrsh minimal posix shell
nosystemd | list of linux distros without SystemD
oldversion | archives of old versions of software
privacyguides/privacytoolsio  | list of privacy respecting software/web-hosting etc
simplytranslate | privacy respecting google translate frontend
SNAKE WAREZ | list of amazing sites\software and more
tuhs | The Unix Heritage Society (archives of the original unix source code)
TheNFTBay | The Pirate Bay but for NFTs