7 Reasons why i use Linux.

1. Customisability:

I can make my desktop look like anything from MacOS to the control panel of a spaceship, which i quite enjoy.

2. It makes me look cool:

You can't tell me this doesn't look cool:

3. No forced updates:

After every update windows will reinstall ms edge for whatever reason, which is very annoying.

4. Privacy:

Windows will send every byte of data it can get to microsoft. And its not like that data is put to good use either, which is pretty silly.

5. Muh minimalism:

Minimalism is cool, Windows isn't minimal so it's not cool. After a fresh install you have to spend a few hours removing all sorts of junk which microsoft thinks make there product better.

6. I love tinkering with my OS:

I like being able to customize my WM, switch out my kernel and change my init system. On windows theres not much to tinker with other than a few registry tweaks, and if you where to even think about using tools like openshell, taskbarX or rainmeter your ram and cpu usage will be blown through the roof.

7. It's free real estate:

Some people will say that free (as in money) software isn't as good as paid software, and i'm sure there is a time and place where paid commercial software is necessary, but in this case its the opposite.