Software I use

Welcome! fellow human being. This is a list of software i use

Operating System

I use Artix Linux with Runit. Because it Doesn't have SystemD (it uses Runit), it has more packages than Void Linux (i used Artix then Void and now Artix), and i still have "I use Arch btw" privileges.


Suckless ST, it's minimal, fast and just werks with little configuration.


I use DWM without patches and dmenu, i use it for the same reasons as ST.

Text Editor

I use Vim, it's got cool keybinding's, it's lightweight (compared to emacs) and makes me sound cool.

Image Editor

I use Gimp; it just werks

Image Viewer

Feh, it also just werks

Video Player

MPV, it also just werks. And with yt-dlp you can watch youtube, so i made a bash script to consoom YouTube without a web browser which is on my github


Bash oksh, i would use ZSH but i couldn't be bothered to go through the configuration process; It's very time consuming and boring.

Web Browser

Qutebrowser, it's very kewl. It uses vim keybindings, it's minimal and fast, and i like it's configurability.

File Manager

I use cd, cat, less, mv, cp, rm, shred and ls

Torrent Client

I don't really use torrent's, but when i do, i use qBittorrent