Rotary smartphone

The other day i was browsing YouTube, and i came across this video about a rotary smartphone, and thought i should share it:

Basically it's a pocket sized rotary-phone, and man does it look cool.

All it's designed to do is make calls, that means no YouTube, TikTok or WiFi at all, and the only screen(s) it has is an oled on the front, and a ePaper display for the contacts list on the back.

I really like the simple and sleek design, and the fact it can be comfortably used in one hand, unlike modern smartphones which tend to be huge.

It's design kind of reminds me of a blackberry phone, just without the keyboard.

And the fact you're not going to be constantly tracked by it, because it has a physical off switch, is a bonus to me.

Here is their website which has more details about it.