Software I use

Here is a list of software i use:

Operating System

I use Void Linux, Void is an independent Linux distro, meaning its not based on something like Arch or Debian, its just based.

It doesn't use SystemD, it uses its own init system called runit.

While im not to fussy about using SystemD, i just prefer to avoid it because low ram == feel good.

I like how its minimal like *BSD, just that i wont lose my sanity when using it (i hope).


Suckless ST with the scroll patch. It just works.


DWM by Suckless and slstatus, Its quite simple, and very comfy.

There is a little setup required, but its really a one time thing.

Text Editor

I use nvi, its a rewrite of vi used with *BSD (like doas is to sudo), it's lightweight (compared to vim), and just works.

It comes preinstalled on Void and i couldn't find a reason to install something else since its already very minimal.

Image Editor

If i need to edit an image, i use ImageMagick.

I never really need to do anything crazy with images (just resizing, converting format, etc), so its more than enough.

Image Viewer

if i need to view an image i use nsxiv.

Its a fork of the now un-maintained sxiv.

it just werks, I also like its thumbnail view mode.

Video Player

I use MPV, it also just werks and isn't too bloated.

And with yt-dlp you can stream youtube from it.


I use oksh as my shell, oksh is a port to linux of *bsd's ksh.

Its like dash but with bash's auto-completion.

Web Browser

i use firefox with the arkenfox.js.

I used qutebrowser before but a lot of little things almost made me lose my sanity. firefox just works

File Manager

I use cd, cat, less, mv, cp, rm, shred and ls